What we do ?

Valuation of Immovable Properties for various purposes such as Wealth tax, Income tax, capital Gain tax calculation, Visa purposes, Bank Security Mortgage, Property distribution in Family or amongst Partners, O.D Purposes against Property, Rental Calculations, Stamp Duty Calculation, Insurance of Property, House Tax Calculations, Valuations of big areas of land by Developers method and many more purposes

Property Valuation - Rupee Devaluation / Revaluation

In a global market, the currency fluctuations vis-a-vis the major players is a matter of paramount importance in financial planning Recently we have made our Rupee partially convertible. The Russian Rubble has sunk to unfathomable depth in relation to American Dollar. The Rupee however, has consolidated its position after slight adjustment. In a situation like this, where many companies have purchased equipment form both Western and former Soviet Block, the book values will now have no relation to market realities. Therefore, today, all the companies, small as well as big, will find it in their interest to obtain revaluation of their plant and machinery assets; especially those of foreign origin. To keep up with the currency fluctuations in international market, it is advisable to obtain revaluation certificates periodically, at least once in three to five years duration.