What we do ?

Valuation of Immovable Properties for various purposes such as Wealth tax, Income tax, capital Gain tax calculation, Visa purposes, Bank Security Mortgage, Property distribution in Family or amongst Partners, O.D Purposes against Property, Rental Calculations, Stamp Duty Calculation, Insurance of Property, House Tax Calculations, Valuations of big areas of land by Developers method and many more purposes

Property Valuation - Larger Public Interests

Expenditure of tax payers money by the Government departments on various projects becomes a matter of great controversy in a democratic setup. Questions relating to amounts spent on road construction, erection of dams–the actual and claimed expenses etc. can be settled with the help of qualified and independent judgement of a valuer. Here the valuer plays a role of public auditor and finds out whether the interests of the people are violated by unscrupulous means.